About Silketc

At Silk etc. quality and innovation is family tradition. Nearly a century ago, the patriarch of our family, Chiang Shinawatra, brought the silk industry to the north of Thailand. Since then our family has been credited with revolutionizing the techniques and technologies used in producing, weaving, and dying Thai silk. That’s why Shinawatra Thai Silk is some of the finest silk available today.

Using a minimum of 2,000 waft threads for every meter of silk, we set the industry standard for quality. Additionally, all of our silks are hand-weaved, lending the uniqueness to our fabrics that only human touch can create. And imagine: we have been doing this for generations.

Now in the 21st century, Silk etc. continues to maintain the standards of the mother company, Shinawatra Thai Silk, while shifting market focus to modern contemporary home d?cor. With a team of designers on hand, we are constantly updating our lines of bedspreads, table runners, and pillowcases, along with the smaller gift items such as stationary and candles, keeping our clients in step with home fashion. Having a name synonymous with quality means it’s not just our goal to satisfy the customer. It’s tradition.

Silk etc.

“Design for a Sustainable  Future”

“Design for a Sustainable Future” encapsulates our forthcoming commitment to be a constantly growing ODM with extensive environmental responsibilities to reduce CO2 emissions throughout our supply chain..